Introducing our A Team

Meet the team behind the great services provided by Glo.
Chris Connor - Managing Director

Chris Connor

Managing Director

Chris is the MD and founder of the company and brings with him masses of enthusiasm. Specialising in business solutions and using his wealth of knowledge in helping companies to grow. Chris is the face of the company and is a great networker. Having over 14 years of doing what he does, Chris is an inspiring source of technical information.

His favourite fictional hero is the less well known hero, Sam Fisher (Commander of the fourth echelon, special ops) from Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell. A strategic leader with a no-nonsense attitude and a high sense of morality and fair play, this is close to Chris’s approach.

Karl Southern - Technical Lead

Karl Southern

Technical lead

Karl the technical lead for Glo brings his skills of ‘fix finding’ to the table. With Chris for 12 years and one of Glo’s inaugural members, Karl brings knowledge and skill which helps the team find solutions in all aspects of IT. The rest of the team values his wisdom and patience with difficult problems. We keep his identity a secret as he is our secret weapon.

He hates the sun and seeks shade. His favourite fictional hero is the Punisher, another one of the less well known heroes, but an extremely forceful character of the Marvel heroes. He is somewhat in the background until needed – this sums up Karl.

Dave Smith - Assistant Manager

Dave Smith

Assistant Manager

The Assistant Manager, Dave specialises in customer relations he is a good listener and quickly understands problems. Having been with Glo for 13 years, he brings determination and resolve to the mix. A natural helpful person with a useful ability to see things from a different perspective. The rest of the team value his communication skills and ability to assist others.

His favorited fictional hero is Ironman the Marvel character. he can come up with wise words when needed but has a wicked sense of humour. Loyal, just and driven with lots of gadgets and cool stuff – that is Dave.

James Pinnegar - Research

James Pinnegar

IT Engineer

One of the newbies with just 8 years in the team! James adds patience and understanding into the team. He applies his methodical accuracy to things. He writes the blogs and loves detail, he is happy when researching a new product or testing out an idea. James is a researcher and has his finger on the pulse of changes.

His favourite fictional here is Hellboy, a well-meaning demon with a hellish sense of humour. This character has the tenacity to stick with a problem

This does sound close to James!

Aaron Burland - IT Engineer

Aaron Burland

IT Engineer

A skilled technical engineer with Glo now for over 4 years. Aaron is the confident one in the team, with a skill for looking for new ways to develop systems.

Asked about his favourite fictional hero he chooses Aquaman (An older hero from the days of DC comics) Aquaman has a telepathic ability and knows what people want giving him the confidence to move forward.

Nicola Smith - Admin Assistant

Nicola Smith

Admin Assistant

As Admin Assistant Nicola fits in well with the whole team, she deals with all things accounts, HR and the day to day running of the business. She has been bringing her level consistency to the team for over 3 years.

Her favourite fictional hero is Wonder Woman with an amazing power to do almost anything and to keep people in control. If there was a superpower called multitasking Nicola would have this.


Emma Connor

Process Enforcement Officer

As Process enforcement officer Emma brings her skill which is diligence to the team. Keeping everything up to date in terms of process and legislation in an IT company is a key factor. Since founding the company with Chris, Emma has had a steadying influence on the team.

Emma’s favourite fictional hero is Storm, the Marvel superhero who controls the weather. A skilled communicator with an ability to create positive conditions – this would describe Emma.


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Do you think you have what it takes? Could you add something to the Glo team? Are you passionate about IT? If the answer is YES, then get in touch. We are always looking to improve and expand the Glo team.

What is your favourite fictional hero? Are you more of a Batman or Catwoman or more of a Superman or Wonder woman?


Monitoring and maintaining your IT systems in-house can quickly become a job that consumes your resources, distracting from the task of innovating and using IT to add real value to your business.

Our helpdesk support services can help to alleviate the pressure and enable you to grow your business. We’re happy to work with existing IT departments, or become your department, no matter the size.

All our helpdesk & support is managed through a custom helpdesk we’ve grown over the years, in response to customers and our needs. We call it GloHelp.

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