All that Odoo 15 has to offer

The features you've been waiting for...

We received an exciting update on what Odoo 15 has to offer. Just when you thought Odoo couldn't get any better, they've done it again! Check out some of the brilliant new features that you can make the most of in version 15. Let us know what you'll be taking advantage of first of all.

Streamlined collaboration for improved working

Get ready for improved collaboration with Odoo 15, working remotely with your customers and colleagues is going to be even easier. The Discuss app now features voice and video calling as well as screen-sharing options. Spreadsheets can now be worked on by more than one user at the same time, and the Odoo portal allows for frontend editing in kanban view for customers and suppliers.

Catering for retail

With physical stores needing more advanced solutions, Odoo has stepped up to deliver in-store and after-sale services as well as further integration of the Point of Sales app with other areas of retail. If you're within the retail industry, let's chat to see how this can work for you.

The website of dreams

The Odoo website app now combines the benefits of open-source builders, e-commerce platforms, and page builder to make one mighty solution to website management. In fact, it is said to be an elite alternative to Shopify and Squarespace and brings all of the solutions to one handy space. Where sophistication meets simplicity, Odoo has introduced a new AI engine to create full websites based on particular industries and preferences. Creating, editing, and managing your website is about to get a whole lot easier. 

Any questions?

There are plenty more features to feast your eyes on. Rather than not knowing where to begin, we can chat things over and find out what solutions you are most in need of. We start with your business needs and find the Odoo solution to fit. With our expert knowhow, we can even add customisation to sculpt the solution to exactly fit your business.

If you're already an Odoo customer and you want to get in on the latest features, or perhaps you are yet to cross the path into Odooland and need us to guide the way - let's chat. There is a whole lot of opportunity out there for multiple industries, businesses, and needs. 

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