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We already know that the Glo team are experts in IT, with a wealth of experience and industry passion that spans many, many years. You can rely on our team of IT engineers to provide stellar support and make your working day a whole lot more stress-free. 


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Culture is an incredibly important part of

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Company team

Chris Connor

Managing Director

As Glo’s figurehead, Chris loves nothing more than getting to know our customers and partners. He relishes using his experience, expertise, and know-how to achieve positive outcomes for the businesses Glo works with. He also enjoys helping Glo people develop their professional and personal skills. 

Chris is a real dynamo and makes the most of every spare minute he has by spending time with family and friends or getting an endorphin rush from keeping fit. If you can catch him, you'll find Chris at a pilates class, out jogging, or in the pool as he continues his mission to live a healthier lifestyle.

Company team

Karl Southern

Technical Director

Karl takes great delight in solving 'unfixable' problems by day, and unwinding by gaming and programming by night. If he isn't in front of a screen, he's got his nose in the pages of a sci-fi book or he’s discovering the world of fantasy and space opera.

Away from IT, his happy place is his garden. Which is surprising, as he hates the sun and always seeks out the shade, but at least all that gardening keeps his Apple Watch monster happy. Bonus! A bit of a handyman, Karl approaches DIY with the same gusto he does his computer. 


Company team

Dave Smith

IT Services Director

Dave is a real eco-warrior, on a mission to transform his home into an energy-efficient dwelling and find new ways to positively impact the planet. He has long had an appreciation of cars and, in recent years, become a passionate advocate of electric cars and the eco-technology around them.

One of five siblings, Dave and his brothers have all been influenced by their builder Dad and have learned a thing or two over the years. Taking things apart and putting them back together again is one of Dave’s greatest pleasures. But don't worry, your computer equipment is in safe hands.

Company team

James Pinnegar

Cyber Security Specialist

James may zoom past you on a skateboard – a hobby he rekindled after 10 years during lockdown. He admits it’s mostly so he can try and keep up with his kids so, along with training his pup, his hands are pretty full. It also explains why he purposefully got married the day after his 30th birthday – to make sure he’d never forget his anniversary. Life hack!

James loves listening to fantasy novel audiobooks so much, he named his eldest daughter after a character from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. Can you guess who?

Aaron Burland 

Lead Technical Engineer

Aaron, otherwise known by the team as ‘Delboy’ for his constant buying and selling of all things, is what you might call a fair-weather biker – only opting to ride his much-loved motorbike on those rare sunny days in England.  

Between pouring over his car and motorbike, Aaron likes nothing better than a pizza and quiz night with the family. We're all waiting with bated breath for his debut on The Chase...

Elliott Bristow


Elliott is what you might call a polymath. He’s a gamer, YouTuber, Twitch-streamer, qualified accountant, ordained minister, fluent in Spanish, and an IT wizard. Is there anything he can't do? We’ve yet to find out.

Having lived in Spain for 13 years with his wife, kid, and dog, his fellow Glo'ers often envy his sunny office space.

Sophie Conna

Technical Engineer

Sophie has a particular fascination with space – whether it’s one day hoping to glimpse the Aurora Borealis, a love of astrology, or exploring other galaxies as a gamer girl. Back on planet Earth however, and for Sophie it’s about meeting elephants while backpacking around Southeast Asia.

 With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Sophie loves to study and teaching herself new topics with her cat, Peanut, for company. Keeping things balanced, in between weightlifting and fundraising for charity, Sophie practices yoga, mindfulness, and wellbeing. Namaste.

Edwin Blommaerts


Originally from Belgium, Edwin loves rocking it out to, among others, Metallica, Nirvana, and Staind. Outside of Glo, it’s wargaming, board-gaming, roleplaying, coding games, and cooking – anything that has instructions and rules. 

Edwin loves a challenge, whether that’s a half-marathon or playing video games. And with his partner, enjoys plays and West End musicals – from Les Misérables to Matilda to Shakespeare. Add to this his love of reading sci-fi and autobiographies by world leaders and Edwin might, one day, just take over the world! 

Andrew Nield

Technical Engineer

Andrew is an extremely proud Sale Sharks fan, and very rarely misses a game. When he isn’t creating “wow moments’ for our clients, you can likely find Andrew deep underwater. In fact, he spent three months scuba diving on a conservation project in Cambodia and hopes to return one day.

To refuel, Andrews loves nothing more than cooking up tasty dishes from around the world, with a particular soft spot for Korean food. We’re all waiting for our dinner invite…   

Ben Guzman

Customer Experience Director

Ben has been around the Glo world for some time. In fact, he used to be one of our loyal customers before joining our ranks. Ben’s a proper data geek, so loves getting analytical when it comes to providing and supporting the legendary Glo customer experience.

In between juggling his kids’ sports classes, Ben continues his lifelong love of playing rugby and is attempting to master golf. When it comes to relaxing, there’s just about enough time in the day to try a new recipe in the kitchen and chill-out with a box set or a movie.

Company team

Nicola Smith 

Accountant & Admin Assistant

Our office hero, Nic keeps Glo's ducks in line from her wonderful base in Wales. After a day at Glo, Nic likes to let her hair down to Queen and Freddie Mercury. Who can blame her?  

Do you prefer salted or sugar popcorn, because Nic is also a self-confessed cinema junkie with her three children, two of whom are twins. Just leave the yogurt at home, as Nic detests it more than anything. If you play your cards right, you may be lucky enough to receive one of Nic's carefully crafted homemade cards. Trust us: they are awesome.

Kimberley Christian 

Project Manager

 Kimberley is our Project Manager maestro. If there was such a role as ‘Head of Plans and Lists’, Kimberley would fill it with aplomb. As well as bringing order to chaos, she’s also a massive cheerleader for workplace (and musical) harmony. Her motto? "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail".

When she's not orchestrating projects, you'll find Kimberley spending quality time with her family, volunteering, or satisfying her wanderlust. Initially, her mission was to visit every country on the map, but has subsequently had to refine her list. Fast forward to today, and she's proudly checked off an impressive 30 countries. 

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Sam Burgess

Technical Engineer

Sam brings real enthusiasm to his passions – whether it’s cars, football, or Call of Duty. When he's not providing top-notch technical support, you'll find him immersed in the world of automotive tinkering or passionately cheering on his beloved Tottenham Hotspur.

Deep down, he's a snowboarder at heart. And in a previous life, spent four exhilarating years traversing the snowy landscapes of the European Alps as a skilled snowboard instructor.