Our story

Having worked at various IT companies before founding Glo, Chris saw first-hand how a company’s IT can fall well short of expectations. So he set about building a company that could make a real difference to a company’s operations and, ultimately, its success.

Today, 15 years later, Glo has earned a stellar reputation for harnessing the power of IT for better performance. Glo has helped hundreds of companies and thousands of users to work more efficiently, more cost-effectively, and to achieve tangible business success.

We With Circles

A passion for technology and a

desire to help our clients succeed

What can you expect when you work with us? Well first and foremost you can expect to work with a team  that takes immense pride in the personal touch it brings to every client relationship. You’ll find we invest considerable time and energy into understanding your unique requirements. It’s the only way we know how to genuinely offer customised and cost-effective solutions, meticulously crafted with your set-up, budget, and priorities in mind. 

You’ll find our IT engineering team, the backbone of our success, not only listen attentively but also bring a level of clarity and transparency to communications. Instead of outsourcing, we keep things in-house because, in our experience, that’s where the magic happens between partner and client. 


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across the UK


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Creating IT that WOWs

We strive for excellence
in everything that we do

We’ll do the legwork to provide robust and reliable solutions, leaving you free to focus on the day job without unwanted and unnecessary distractions. Hand over your business’ IT to the experts and be reassured that you’re in safe hands.


Our clients are more than just support tickets, and our engineers are passionate problem-solvers who will go the extra mile. Unlike other companies, we don’t focus only on the volume of calls we close in a day. Our goal is to leave every client feeling happy with the service they’ve received while reaping the benefits of fit-for-purpose solutions that unlock a company’s potential. Ready to get started?

IT heroes

Thanks to years of hard-won experience​

Clear Communication

Honest, clear and transparent at every step

Caring customer service

 Always acting in your best interests

Seamlessly smooth service

Reliable, responsive, and tailored IT support and solutions

Doing right by the

 world around us

Every business has a responsibility to do what it can to positively impact the communities it works in and the wider world. Here’s what we’ve been doing…

Woodland Trust
Planting Trees

We’ve always been inspired by planet Earth, it’s our home after all. And we’ve also been inspired by the work of the Woodland Trust, donating £200 to help fund the planting of trees. You only have to listen to the great David Attenborough to know we need to act fast to save what’s left of our beautiful planet. This is one baby step towards a greener future.

Leonard Cheshire
Partnering with
Leonard Cheshire

We were blown away by the amazing work the Leonard Cheshire charity do to support people with disabilities to live, learn, and work as independently as they choose. We kicked off our partnership by donating Echo Dots to their lovely clients and we continue to support the charity by spreading the word, raising money, and volunteering when we can.

Donating £500
worth of bags to Heronsbridge School

Supporting the disabled community and considering the challenges of those with special needs, and their families, is a cause close to our heart. That’s why we donated specially adapted bags to Heronsbridge School in Bridgend to help students in their daily activities.  

Glo: Pay it forward
Pay it forward

From time to time we like to secretly pay it forward. Whether we’re in a supermarket, the queue for a coffee, or simply out for a good old- fashioned walk, we like to pay for someone else’s things anonymously. It not only immediately cheers someone up, it also means we can quietly disappear into the horizon with a warm glow and no fuss.

Sustainability is
part of who we are

We’re always looking for ways to up our sustainability game, and since we were “green audited” in 2008 we’ve made great strides. And because, none of our team commute and we’re able to work from just about anywhere with a secure connection, we’re in a great place to keep our carbon footprint pretty low.

Heart Heroes
Donating to HeartHeroes

Heart Heroes is a brilliant charity that supports children (and their families), living with heart conditions. After chatting with Kelly, founder of Heart Heroes, we knew the quickest way we could make a difference was simply by donating. So that’s what we did.