Odoo Business Solutions

Your one stop business software solution
with bespoke development to fit your
every business need.


What is Odoo?

Lift your business
with the power of Odoo

Odoo could be the only system your business will ever need. Why? Because it provides access to thousands of apps for your business including, among others, CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, and project management. Even better, you also have our expert team of Odoo-developers on hand to customise your system to fit your needs exactly.

Working at the cutting-edge of Odoo technology, we’ve been an Odoo Partner for three years and love nothing more than giving you the tools and set-up to help you run your business at maximum capacity. 

Increase productivity

Streamline workflows, increase business intelligence and automation

Create smart solutions

Customise your CRM to answer every issue you are faced with

Save time and money

Better manage your resources through improved stock distribution and automated workflows

Achieve better

With over 24,00 Odoo apps, and counting, there are endless opportunities to achieve more

Could Odoo work 
for your company?

Given our extensive Odoo experience, it’s likely we’ve already seen and solved any challenges you’re facing as a business. What’s more, we can apply our experience, expansive knowledge, and ongoing research to create personalised Odoo solutions that are both simple and effective.

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Odoo modules to  help you thrive

Sales and Inventory

Better organise your warehouse and orders with Odoo’s sales and inventory apps. Total traceability of every stock move, clear reporting, and increased efficiency will all support your business growth.


From shop-floor automation to real-time communication and quality checking, Odoo provides a one-stop manufacturing solution that takes your team up a level.

Integration & EDI

Integrate all your warehouse and logistics processes into one super-efficient and cost-effective system with Odoo, unifying departments, tools, workflows, and teams. Send digital data with ease and create processes that communicate clearly, save time, and spark opportunities.

Heavy Customisation

Customise Odoo’s set-up to your exact business needs. With multiple Odoo apps to choose from, we’ll develop solutions to fit your business precisely. Our experience with previous customers and our web-dev wisdom means you have sound and expert set-up on tap.

Credit Control

Inside Odoo, you can manage credit and finance with your customer for smooth transactions, repeat orders, and cashflow. Stay on track and up to date with your finances and know exactly where your money’s going – all in one place.

Customising your Odoo
database to fit your needs

Hosting services

We’ll host your Odoo database with the same security and protection we give our own Odoo database. We’ll also reduce the time and costs involved in developing, maintaining, and updating it.

Implementing services

New customisations, integration bugs, fixes or tweaks – you name it, we can do it. Whatever you need or want to achieve with your Odoo, we’re here to make it a reality.

Maintenance, upgrade and support

We’re in it for the long-term. We’re all about creating a trusted partnership that first, provides you with a system that suits you and, second, keeps it that way.

Typical project timeline

Pre sales

Evaluate to 
see if Odoo is 
the right fit


How to implement
 Odoo to meet 
your needs


Data migration and customisation of 
specific areas


Final user-testing 
of components and workflows

Go live

Migrate data
and workflows 
into Odoo

Odoo the Glo way

Kickstarting your Odoo journey

Start your Odoo journey with us and you’re not tied in. Why? Because a partnership works both ways, so if you aren’t happy, neither are we. Our tailored step-by-step implementation process leaves no stone unturned and provides complete clarity and project autonomy throughout. It’s about making sure Odoo is driven by your requirements and meets your goals.

We plan your requirements to fit your timetable and scale, setting clear expectations from the start. We’ll always begin with standard Odoo, plus any ‘must-have’ configurations and developments. Any further development beyond that is entirely your decision.

Upgrading Odoo

Do you have an existing Odoo installation? Is it heavily customised? Are you confused about how on earth you perform an upgrade? Our guide on unravelling an Odoo Upgrade, the Glo way, might help.