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There’s no better way to modernise and 
simplify your IT than through cloud hosting.  

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 As well as enabling your business to scale operations as needed, it minimises the risk of data loss ensuring your valuable business information remains secure and easily accessible. Exactly what you need in today's dynamic digital landscape. 

Our cloud hosting solutions revolutionise your infrastructure by replacing traditional on-site servers with dynamic virtual servers in a cloud-hosted environment. These virtual servers support an array of critical business functions, ranging from remote desktops to applications to databases and, together, enhance the efficiency, security, scalability, and adaptability of your business operations.


With cloud hosting you can scale your IT resources up or down based on demand, enabling optimal performance without over-provisioning.


You only pay for the resources you use, so there’s no large up-front investment in infrastructure, making it especially beneficial for start-ups and small businesses.  

Flexibility and accessibility  

Cloud hosting provides flexibility in accessing data and applications from anywhere with an internet connection, so it’s ideal for supporting remote working and collaboration.

Reliability and uptime  

Cloud hosting offers high levels of reliability and uptime, so you can access your data and applications consistently and with minimal disruption. 

Centralised management

Cloud hosting’s centralised management tools make it easier for you to monitor and

control your IT resources, enhancing efficiency in how you allocate and use them.

The more you look at cloud hosting as a solution, the more benefits you’ll uncover for your business. And we’re here to help you find them, or answer any questions you have.

The future is 
cloud shaped  

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Cloud hosting has become a cornerstone technology for more and more businesses as they prioritise security and efficiency. It's noteworthy that almost every major organisation now incorporates cloud into their business strategy. 

In fact, cloud hosting has become an integral part of the user-experience. Why? Because when executed with precision, it’s smooth, swift, and remarkably user-friendly. But more than that, it offers unrivalled levels of...

Glo Private Cloud

Navigating the numerous solutions out there can be daunting. 
However, we can put our extensive experience and expertise to work to create the right solution for your business.

Sculpted by experts

Being in the industry this long, we know a thing or two about cloud. So we’ve pulled in all the most effective features of a cloud system to create our own Glo Private Cloud. 

Hosted servers

We keep everything in check. We update, install, and manage so you don't have to worry about a thing.

No long contracts

We want you for as long as you want us. So you have the freedom to move your hosting wherever you want, whenever you want.

Fixed cost for specs and storage

We don’t like nasty surprises any more than you do, so we don’t charge extra for compute, network ingress, or egress actions. It’s all included in a fixed cost.

As a business increasingly reliant on a stable IT platform, it's essential that issues are resolved quickly to avoid a negative impact on productivity and revenue. With Glo’s fast response times and expert understanding of our systems, we always feel that our IT is in safe hands. We absolutely think of Glo as part of our team”

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