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To thrive, businesses need to approach growth strategically – including that of their software and hardware infrastructure. Failing to factor in IT scalability and security into your long-term vision typically results in both inflated costs and poor-performing systems that hinder growth. At Glo, we use our extensive experience of supporting growing companies to identify pitfalls, reduce risk, and provide informed strategic guidance. 

Computer systems and software procurement

When providing a computer system to our clients, we offer the convenience of pre-configuration, so users can simply boot-up and start work straightaway. Or, if you prefer, we can configure devices remotely. From the initial decision to acquire new hardware or software, our streamlined process encompasses expert advice, detailed documentation, accurate quoting, and swift order placement for a seamless experience.  

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Hardware procurement

We meticulously select IT hardware products to support your business in the short, medium, and long-term. That means thoroughly understanding your business objectives and preferences, and carefully considering your current and future requirements. In other words, any IT hardware we recommend and provide will satisfy your immediate operational needs and scale sustainably to meet future growth.

Software and licence procurement

We organise and procure licences and software systems. Once we fully understand your current business needs and your future ambitions, we’ll advise on the best way forward. In some cases, it’s about understanding what will work currently, but we’ll always have one eye on developing a clear strategy of what you’ll require in future.
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Glo gave us a proactive solution so our users could access data remotely in a secure virtual cloud environment. They worked with us to get the best of current technology at a sensible price. You know that a helping hand is there when you need it, enabling us to get on with our business.”

Hazel – Forward Waste Management

Glo is quick to respond to our requests and queries, and they create solutions to help in the future. They are both proactive and reactive in the support they provide."

Liz – Chord UK

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