IT Consultancy Services

We are experienced and passionate about our IT skills, so we offer an IT consultancy for business IT projects. Whether it’s just some quick advice, a systems/strategy review or full blown project management Glo’s team can help.

We are self-confessed IT geeks we enjoy trying out and understanding all viable technologies. Because of this, along with our diverse customer base, we can often find solutions that others miss. We are constantly looking at new systems and methods so we can give the most up to date advice.

Professional IT Consultancy for Business

In our experience Consultancy is a problem solving exercise. We have considerable combined expertise and have applied this in many areas in different segments of industry. We are able to bring a unique and valuable insight to existing and potential problems.

It is often a case of drilling right back to the route of the issue. At times if you are involved in the day to day running of the business. When you are too close to the business it is difficult to do this. It is often clouded in too much detail.

Using our expertise, we can help businesses to see past the day to day bureaucracy. From there we can  apply our skills with a level, logical way of thinking. We can then look outside the box for solutions that may be new or just unknown. By giving you clarity and simplifying a problem we can then offer a solution. We don’t just want to solve the issue you have now , but to help you develop the business into the future. Producing a business that can grow without generating future issues as it expands is important.

Clarity + Simplicity = Solutions

We can offer IT consultancy on:

  • Network Infrastructure Design & Implementation
  • New Technology Reviews
  • Licensing Audits
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

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