IT Consultancy Services

With so much in-house experience, we offer IT 
consultancy for all manner of business IT projects – 
be it advice on tackling a small upgrade, a systems 
or strategy review, or full-blown project management.


Professional IT 
consultancy for business

We view consultancy as a problem-solving exercise. And it’s our considerable combined expertise across multiple sectors and industries that enables us to bring a unique and valuable perspective to existing and potential problems. 

Being external to your business, we’re able to bring clarity and simplicity to complex problems, along with a fresh and more objective viewpoint. That way, we can identify both an issue’s root causes and its potential solution, which is often hard to see when you’re “in the business” all day, every day.

But we don’t just want to solve current issues you have. We also want to help you develop your business for the future. In other words, helping you grow without generating ever-more issues as you expand.

We’re self-confessed IT geeks who enjoy getting to grips with all potential technologies. In fact, we’re constantly looking at new systems and methods, so we can provide the most up-to-date advice. And it’s thanks to this, and the diverse range of customers we work with, that we’re often able to find solutions others miss.

Clarity + simplicity = solutions

Our IT consultancy covers:

Network infrastructure design & implementation

Business continuity & disaster recovery

New-technology reviews

Licensing audits