Changes to Microsoft Commerce

Let's get you ready ahead of schedule. Early bird catches the worm.

The Trio of Changes

We are updating you on the latest changes to Microsoft 365 licensing through the Microsoft New Commerce experience that launched in October 2021 and what that means for you.

In particular, there are three changes that when taken into effect will impact your business. We are on hand to help navigate these changes and ensure the impact is as minimal as possible.

  • Enforcing the minimum term agreement

First up, Microsoft is going to be enforcing the minimum term agreement for all contracts. Until now Cloud Solution Providers like ourselves are able to set up agreements on your behalf and make changes to it at any time, the one-year agreement just locked in the price.

From March 2022 Microsoft will be enforcing the 1-year term.

You will still be able to swap the licenses between users, however, the total number of licenses cannot be changed during that time.

  • The introduction of a monthly premium

The alternative option to the yearly contract is to commit to the monthly payments, however, Microsoft is now adding a 20% premium to this package. Doh! 

  • Price Hike

Unfortunately, a price hike of 10% is coming too. However, if you would like us to get your yearly contract renewed before the March deadline we can save you facing the 10% price increase for another year. Every little helps!

The plan of action

Knowledge is power and we've given you the knowledge, so let's get prepared ahead of Microsoft changes going live.

In the next couple of weeks, we will be in touch with all of our customers individually to ensure they know the details and provide advice around the best course of action for their setup.

Any questions? Just give us a shout! Either drop us an email or create a GloHelp ticket. Let's get this ticked off the to-do list before the end of the year.

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