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We were thrilled to spot an exciting new feature in Odoo's version14 that enabled users to create spreadsheets and store them directly in Odoo instead of having a separate spreadsheet editor. 

You could already contain information taken from the Odoo database, which allowed you to easily pull in customer data, sales information, and whatever you wanted into a spreadsheet. Handy, for sure. However, the latest update took things up a notch by integrating simultaneous editing so that multiple people can edit inside the spreadsheet at once. This now levels up to the likes of Excel on 365 and Google Sheets as you can see who is editing what in real-time. Magic!

Our clients here at Glodo are getting excited about this new feature and the potential amount of valuable time it would save them by pulling data from various sources and putting it into one spreadsheet. The simultaneous editing feature would mean they can all work on one spreadsheet and avoid duplicating or losing any work. A win-win situation.

Elliott, from Team Glodo, commented 'This could be an exciting game-changer and we're looking forward to seeing how businesses make the most out of this new feature. It's certainly created a buzz amongst our clients already'. 

Check out Odoo Director, Fabrice's take on it here.

What are your thoughts on this handy new feature?

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