Do I need a SSD or Hard Drive?

Buying a new device? Check out which storage you need to look out for

If you're buying a new device and considering your options for storage, we recommend checking your laptop or desktop has an SSD before you make your purchase. 

Cloud storage is one of the most popular storage solutions, however, there are other options out there you may wish to consider. Here we're going to give you a little insight and help you make a decision on which storage option suits your needs.

First up, what is the difference between an SSD and a hard drive? Well...

Hard drives are pieces of hardware designed to store content. They've been around a while, because of this they are cheaper and tend to get placed in lower-end machines or used for high-volume, long-term data storage. They hold more gigabytes per £ compared to an SSD.

While an SSD [Solid State Drive] is a more recent option for storage, coming into the market in the last ten years and notable at a more competitive price. Offering significantly faster speed, greater reliability, and lower power consumption means this is a great choice for everyday devices.

Do I opt for an SSD or hard drive?

If you are in the market for a laptop or PC, it's worth checking that your chosen device has an SSD. It can improve battery life, SSDs are more durable in comparison to hard drives and you are purchasing a product that is designed to withstand the test of time. When buying an SSD, you will want to watch out for storage size. In the past, hard disks were very big so an SSD would seem much smaller in comparison. However, with the advent of cloud storage, this is not normally a problem. 

If you are simply looking to boost your storage for long-term usage then a trusty hard drive could be your best bet. Storing your holiday snaps, archived files, or family videos? Hard drives are your friend. Again, think about how much extra storage you require.

But, what about cloud storage?

Many people nowadays will just rely on cloud storage and therefore will not have a need for a large SSD or hard drive. Cloud storage is brilliant as it makes storing your items much easier and safer for you. Plus, there are plenty of options out there to choose from. If you don't want to make use of cloud storage and depending on the size of your collection, an SSD or hard disk will be your trusty go-to's.

Any questions?

We hope this has given you some handy insight into the decisions that need to be made when buying a device or looking for extra storage. Let us know what device you end up buying! 

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