Don't get stuck in the IT dark age!

Recent research by hardware manufacturer Intel (and supported by the Confederation of British Industry) has highlighted the lack of investment and expertise in IT in small businesses in the UK. Their study of 3000 IT decision makers for businesses of 250 users or less shows:
  • the majority still use fax machines more than smart phones
  • a large percentage expose themselves to security risks by using personal laptops and mobile devices for work and are unaware of the data protection rules they're potentially breaking by doing so
  • most did not know what 'the cloud' is, even those that were using it already (e.g via Gmail)
There were several other worrying facts relating to investment in IT equipment (a third do not intend to buy new laptops or tablets for at least a year) and security (two thirds spend under 10% of their IT budget on protecting against attacks). It's disappointing that in this digital age many small businesses still do not appreciate the efficiency improvements that can be attained by updating IT infrastructure or the importance of maintaining IT security. At Glo Networks we are proud that none of our customers fall into this group (and those that may have previously have had our help to make the required improvements). Don't let your business your business be one of those stuck in the IT 'dark age'!
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