Elevate your business with a Virtual IT Director

In this uncertain climate, it's more challenging than ever to know what the right thing is for your business and how to make sure you are making decisions that are putting yourselves in the best position for success.

More and more businesses are investing in IT Director Services. But, why? What's the big deal and how does having an external IT Director onboard benefit your business?

Why consider IT Director Services

Investing in the future of your business

Investing in IT Director services means you sign up to having an experienced individual from outside of your business join the team on an agreed contract to help channel your IT processes, decision-making and push your business goals forward. Having an external role in your team allows the IT Director to address sensitive issues tactfully in a way ingrained members of the team may feel unable. More so, offering a different perspective on how to approach things and add value to your strategy, based on their experience.

In the tough economy that we are in, hiring a full-time internal body can be a huge commitment. Bringing an IT Director in that can offer flexibility as well as bringing a whole wealth of knowledge and real-life experience from running a business themselves is an invaluable alternative.

benefits of IT Director

Essentially, IT Director Services elevate the potential of your business by helping to fuel progression and time-saving, cost-effective processes, as well as taking an idea to fruition and profit. They can mould to your business needs, whether it is a short term solution or long term support you require. Not to mention, bringing more than just expert IT knowledge to the table but offering experience in HR-related issues, strategy solutions, financial decisions and development of teams and product or service.

Managing Director of Glo

Chris Connor, Managing Director of Glo, wanted to bring his IT Director services into the virtual offices of businesses across the country, to spread his knowhow and help provide the necessary tools for success to other businesses. These services are nothing new to Glo, in fact, Chris has been providing IT Director services to businesses over the years. He knows what it takes to fulfil the role successfully which is why Chris has outlined what you can expect from his services below.

  • Application of knowledge in IT policy and budgeting
  • Personable yet firm approach to dealing with staff issues
  • Virtual availability for discussions and meetings
  • Ability to deliver unwelcome news to teams and individuals based on facts, reasoning and solution
  • Deep technical knowledge
  • A broad base of applicable knowledge not limited to technology
  • Challenging your board and encouraging outside-the-box mentality
  • Coaching and developing of individuals and teams
  • Managing multi-year plans based on your aspirations
  • Packaging services or products from initial idea to profit
  • Support in the scheduling of profit, function and delivery
  • Well-informed advice on the management of projects, people and processes
  • Valuable external stance on your business
  • Guidance on risk analysis
  • Expert IT support and advice
  • Flexibility to suit your needs, whether it's a short term solution or a permanent presence

Are you in need of Virtual IT Director Services?

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