Helping HeartHeroes grow

Proud to be a part of the community

We were thrilled to find out about the amazing work that Heart Heroes carries out for families of children with heart conditions. The heart-warming community that Heart Heroes has created has provided valued opportunities for social interaction and support for families.

During the pandemic when families of children living with heart conditions had to remain sheltered and particularly isolated, virtual events and the warm community that Heart Heroes has created has been a lifeline to many.

When Team Glodo heard about the wonderful work that Kelly, founder of Heart Heroes, and the small but mighty team do to keep everyone connected and supported, we just had to get involved. We kicked off our partnership with a donation of £100 and pledged to spread the word about Heart Heroes over on our social. We feel privileged to play a part in the butterfly effect of positivity and urge you to check out Heart Heroes today for that feel-good feeling. Check out the many ways you can get involved too...

You can help out in more ways than one

Donate to the cause


Choose Heart Heroes on Amazon Smile


Join in on their virtual fundraising events


Give your time


Don't forget to follow Heart Heroes on social to keep up with their latest fundraising events & community news.

The power of communication
As explained by Glo MD, Chris Connor