How can I get the best help from my IT team when I log a ticket?

Need to log a ticket and want to get the most from your IT support? Let's chat...

So you've got an issue with your IT. Who ya gonna call? Sorry to burst your bubble, it's not GHOSTBUSTERS. Though, the team here at Glo is raring to go and more than happy to help.

1. What is wrong?

When you open up a ticket in our HelpDesk portal, it's beneficial to include as much information regarding your issue as possible. Providing all the details of the issue that you aware of; plus the affected users, your contact details, and the name of your device are all valuable snippets for us to know. 

2. When did it start?

Tell us when your issue started so we can isolate the events that occurred in that time frame that may have contributed to the problem. The more information you give to us, the fewer questions we have to ask you, and your issue gets resolved much quicker. 

3. How important is this and who is it impacting?

The next step is figuring out the severity and determining the urgency of your issue. How many people is the issue impacting? Is everything offline? If it is impacting more than one person, is everyone experiencing the same fault or are there variations?

Essentially, you'll need to ask yourself whether it is a simple fault that can be logged by the HelpDesk or if it requires an immediate phone call to the team. If you are facing a power outage, the network is done or there is a serious issue that is time-sensitive, then give us a call. You can get in touch here. Otherwise, we encourage the most efficient way of getting your issue resolved to be via our HelpDesk. 

One last thing...

In order to maintain the momentum of your ticket and get things tackled in a timely manner, we would appreciate you getting back to us as quickly as possible. We vow to be speedy from our end, and we would hate for your IT issue to take any longer than necessary.

Has this proved handy? Consider these pointers when you're next getting in touch with us. Thanks for reading! 

P.S. hands up if you have the Ghostbusters theme tune stuck in your head! 

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