Integration of the Apps

Pssst, it's going to knock your socks off

Integrating all of your business processes into one App sounds like a great idea. That's because it is. But what can it really achieve for your business? What are the biggest advantages to introducing Odoo to your setup? And how can you get the most from having all of your systems, workflows, and applications in one succinct and sophisticated place?

We're here to give you a brief insight. 

Integration: the magic word

The beauty of Odoo is that it has the ability to bring all of your business functions into one system - from Accounting to Manufacturing and Design, Sales to Project Management, and just about everything in between.

Imagine an uninterrupted and efficient flow from the moment the Sales lead comes through the door. From Lead > Order > Invoice > Project > Resource Management > Contracts > Invoice, there can be automated processes, succinct workflows, and shared data so that you avoid having to repeat data inputting, can save time, and can serve a greater capacity of customers. Not to mention, having a clear visibility of the full Sales journey at a glance. 

Check out an example screen view below. This can be highly customised and adapted to your needs. What additions would you like to see?

Having an interface that you are able to pool all of your workflows from, with each process and relative data talking to the next to achieve faster and more efficient progress can be a revolutionary move for your business. Where functionality meets visualisation, whether you are adjusting the design of a customised order or viewing which team members are available for an upcoming project - you can turn to one system and interact with your data quickly and effectively.

Getting value for money 

With all of your apps in one software system, you are eliminating the need for subscription payments and more man-hours and you are streamlining your workflows across the board. The bedding in time for our clients is smoothly-run and the long-term gain is ten-fold. Reducing previously large and time-consuming tasks to automated processes and contributing to faster communication lines between teams and stages of the journey. 

Identify where your business is draining its resources, wasting time, or not working as efficiently as it could be, and chat to us about tackling each and every issue in your business.

Let's get your business in gear for a world of opportunity


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