It's our 15th birthday - let's celebrate

15 days of celebrations, we will be updating our celebrations right here as we go!

It’s time to celebrate Glo’s 15th birthday. That’s 15 years of out-of-this-world IT that empowers businesses, driven by an expert team that makes us proud as punch and core values that we stand by to this day, every day. ​

What a whirlwind

We've achieved many things on our journey whilst delivering a stellar service to customers we truly care about. And endured many more; weathering updates and advances in technology, changes in the economy, and a pandemic - to name a few. 

But it’s not really about us. It’s about you. All of the wonderful people that we have met along the way, our awesome clients -  big and small, and all of the people we have yet to help. That’s what got us where we are today and that’s what really counts. ​

Making a difference

We decided that to celebrate Glo’s 15th birthday we wanted to further increase the positive impact that we have on our planet and the people on it, and around us. We have always cared greatly for our planet, limiting our carbon footprint, opting for eco-alternatives, and seeing what we can do to make a difference at every step. Over the years, we’ve donated, planted, shared, and grown, why stop now? For the next 15 days, we will be sharing 15 things to celebrate each glorious year of Glo. Here goes! 

15 Days of Celebration: Let's get started!

Day 1: Donating to our local food bank

To kick things off we donated a shopping load to our local food bank in Bridgend. While the team will all be eating cake from their desks around the country (the beauty of remote working!), we want to make sure food is on the plates of those who are in need. Did you know you can place an online order to be delivered to your local food bank? So even if you're busy like us, you can do your bit to help those in need. Awesome! 

Day 2: A gift of a lifetime: we bought a goat

Today we gifted a goat to a family in need so that they have a source of food and income. One goat produces up to 12 pints a week that can then be used to drink or sell and can be used for fertiliser to help a family grow further crops. 

Day 3: A donation to the Mind charity

We understand how important it is to look after your mental health. That is why we supported the Mind charity by donating a sum of money to them to continue the wonderful work they do. 

Day 4: Supporting local artists like Aimee

Aimee is a brilliant artist in Bridgend that creates art that caters to people with a range of special needs and disabilities. Her project was a cause close to Glo's heart as it directly involved and helped a family member. We have seen firsthand the incredible response Aimee's work has received and its simply genius. 

Get a load more of the Glo action

Stay tuned to our social channels to see updates on our daily celebrations. And cut an extra fancy slice of cake for yourself too. We're on Twitter and LinkedIn. Catch ya next time!

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