It's time to celebrate: Glo has made it to 14 years of service

This month we come into our 14th year of Glo. Fourteen fantastic years of expert IT services, a growing Glo team, and exciting advancements. Now we are the grand age of 14, we've matured and boast a whole host of experience. With smart processes and forward-thinking attitudes, we're all grown up and armed with a pocket full of wisdom.

You may be missing the office cake now you're working remotely. Feel free to grab a slice of celebratory cake, and raise your mug of tea to us from the comfort of your desk at home. Despite a crazy year, we are rolling on and can't wait to see where we steer the business next. Stay tuned!

The Glo Team

Over our fourteen years, we have grown as a team from single to double digits, with more expertise, screens, dogs, cats, and kids than ever in tow. The team has kept well-fuelled while providing you tip-top IT services. Over 33,000 coffees and almost 64,000 cups of tea have been consumed by the team in our Glo history. We won't include the alcoholic consumption at our remote-socials over the years! But it's fair to say this IT business is thirsty work.

Glo Team Addition

Just this year, we’ve had some new additions to the team so as we can bring Glo to even more workplaces and bless them with our IT know-how. Say hello to the latest newbie to join the ranks: Holly, our Marketing & Brand Manager. You’ll be no doubt hearing from Holly in the coming months as she begins her Glo mission.

2020 remote working

This year, there has been the sharpest rise in remote-working we’ve ever known. Many businesses have struggled with the capabilities of people working from home and we’ve been on hand to help streamline this process and support you and your team through lockdown.

In fact, we believe so much in our networks, all of our team work remotely too and always have done. Our team is based in all corners of the country and some slightly further afar, serving you expert IT services that don’t require the four walls of an office.

Remote working
Glo customers

If it wasn’t for our loyal customers, we wouldn’t be celebrating our 14th year of business so we owe you a HUGE thank you. We are proud to be working with you to help your business operate at full capacity and weather these unprecedented times. We're in this together.

Goodbye GloHelp & NinjaRMM, Hello Datto!