Kicking off 2021 by getting 14.0 Odoo certified

14.0 is the most recent and highest level of certification available on Odoo.As an Odoo partner, we wanted to ensure we were at the forefront of the game and we can help you get there too.

When you're looking for your Odoo provider, you want the go-to team that knows their stuff and brings their A-game every time. Who will give your business the tools to hit goals and progress? The answer is us. We will, we have already done this for our clients and we want to achieve it for you too. 

Why we're the Odoo provider you're looking for

You've already recognised Odoo as an opportunity for your business and know all of the brilliant features it has to offer. High five! Now to be guided through the process, make it fit your business needs and integrate it with your already existing systems. That's where we come in.

Did you know 14.0 is one of the most recent and highest levels of certification available on Odoo? That's why we are 14.0 certified and every single member of the Glodo team is too.

In fact, we were the first Odoo partners in the UK to achieve the 14.0 certification, kicking off this year with an almighty success. We want to not just keep on top of the Odoo software but be at the frontline of it and help businesses grow. 

Need our help?

We'd love to have you on board. Get in touch with the team to chat about getting started.

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