New Year, New Changes

We're bringing the magic all under one roof

Our first blog entry of 2022 brings exciting news. 

We are in the process of introducing an Employee Ownership scheme which means employees have a financial stake in the business through owning shares and have a say in how the business is run.

As part of this process, and in order to achieve a better way of doing business, we are parting ways with the 'Glodo' name of our sister company and bringing it all under one glorious roof: Glo Systems. Keeping things all in one place means we can strengthen the Glo brand, work more effectively as a team, and work towards our goals collectively. 

For our Glodo customers, there will be no changes other than they are now Glo Systems customers. It's the same team, same service, same magic, that they know and love. For our wider audience, if you are looking for an Odoo-provider or a software solution to rock your business, head to Glo Systems. 

This year, we've got more exciting changes and updates to come. We can't wait to share things with you! Stick along for the journey, and of course, if you have any IT-based questions or concerns - you know where we are.

Changes to Microsoft Commerce
Let's get you ready ahead of schedule. Early bird catches the worm.