OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

We have recently put a few iMacs and macBookPros into a few customers and thought a few of the most used keyboard shortcuts for OS X would be well typed up. All mac users sure try out Quicksilver, I've found it to be an invaluble tool that makes using OS X one of the quickest OS experiences you can get. It has many many uses and some of the great uses and functions are nicely demoed here and here. cmd - this button is the one on either side of the space bar, sometimes known as the apple button. alt - this is the button next to cmd, know in apple land as option. When your focus is on Finder cmd-N > New Finder Window cmd-K > Connect to Server, great for a effectivly what Windows users would call mapping a network drive (smb://servername/sharename) cmd-I > Get Info, when on or highlighting a file or folder this shows you the properties of it General shortcuts for many apps cmd-Q > Quit, a quick way to completely exist an application. Be careful of this for certain applications as the quit is almost instant, no good for any virutal program like Fusion or Parallels you may be running. cmd-, > Preferences, loads the preferences for the currently active application cmd-alt-esc > for closing stuck applications, a bit like task manager for Windows When in Firefox cmd-T > Opens a new tab Holding down the cmd button when clicking a link opens that link in a new tab.
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