Phone System Changes

If you are an existing Glo customer you may have noticed some changes to our phone systems if you’ve had to call us lately. To fulfill our ongoing commitment to excellent communication with our customers, we have made the decision to remove the menu from our phone system. So now when you give us a call on 0330 2230 033 you will receive a short welcome message to Glo, just to make sure you’re calling the right people for the job, then you will be on the phone to one of our engineers to solve your IT problems ASAP! We have gone in this direction as we understand more than anyone else that the last thing you want when trying to resolve an issue, is to be stuck in a menu & not actually getting any closer to resolving the issue at hand. It’s not just us that thinks this way, a Consumer Report from 2015 reported that 75% of people described the process of waiting to talk to a human being when calling a phone number as “Highly annoying” & a further 57% of people said that they have hung up before speaking to anyone out of frustration with automated phone menus. We are sure that this will be a welcomed change for our customers. However please feel free to provide any feedback that you may have, be it positive or negative to  

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