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Let's spread happiness.

We discovered the inspiring charity Leonard Cheshire when we called out for charities to come forward who needed help with their IT or support in other ways. Immediately blown away by the work that they do, we felt compelled to reach out and form a partnership. And from the very first video call, there was a great synergy between us. With one of their bases being just a stone's throw from where some of our team lives and their support of the disabled community resonating with a cause close to our hearts, we knew it was a match made in heaven.

Tell us about Leonard Cheshire

The team at Leonard Cheshire are busy bees, genuinely passionate about the cause and brimming with energy. Their positivity and their can-do mentality are infectious. From running dance shows to hosting cooking nights, their inclusive and fun events are aimed at bringing those in the disabled communities together and providing a social opportunity for them to thrive. Through the pandemic, it has been especially hard for those with special needs as they are in the vulnerable category and have had to shield. Creating virtual events to tune into and supplying families with a source of fun and togetherness has been a lifeline for many. You can help the charity in many ways; by volunteering your time from gardening to speaking at events, or doing your own fundraiser to support the cause. Whether you are a business that wants to campaign or partner with them, or an individual that wishes to attend an event, donate or join the team, the choices are endless. We definitely recommend getting in touch with the wonderful people at Leonard Cheshire.

Partnering with the charity

So, what have we done so far? We kicked off our support by donating two Echo Dots to their clients. After discussions with the team, we found out that an Echo Dot is a valuable tool for the clients that Leonard Cheshire strive to help. An Echo Dot enables clients to practice and develop their cognitive skills and enhance their interactive abilities. As well as this, it opens up a whole world of entertainment from them while they are shielding during a pandemic. Listening to music and podcasts, taking calls with loved ones and being a beacon from the outside world to deliver news and the weather. We loved how much of a difference we could make by this small gesture and the team at Leonard Cheshire were over the moon. You'll see us sharing their heart-warming posts on social and being their cheerleaders whenever we can. Watch this space for future updates!

Be a part of something brilliant

Want to know how you can get involved in this amazing community and show your support for the people of Leonard Cheshire? Head to their website using the button below and prepare to be inspired!


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