Small team, big potential

Don't discount the little fish, we're mightier than you may think

We recently spotted a Reddit thread that discussed the common misconception that opting for bigger companies means you will be a priority, with more hands-on-deck. In reality, you can often receive greater attention from a smaller company where you are not just a number and another customer on their list. This struck a chord with us as we have missed out on servicing larger clients for that very reason, and we wanted to open this out for discussion. Let us know your thoughts!

More bang for your buck

If you are the owner of a company with a large workforce, it doesn't necessarily mean you require an IT support company of equal size. You can be getting a better deal in service, value for money, and undivided attention by opting for a smaller alternative for a number of reasons. 

There is a common belief that bigger companies have more weighting, experience, and expertise than their smaller counterparts, but this couldn't be further from the truth. We believe you can get more bang for your buck with a smaller team as they can have individuals focus on your project with quicker decision-making and action, and giving you a more granular level of detail and attention. This is compared to bigger companies who may outsource, have higher staff turnover, and share the load between multiple teams. What's more, you may be subject to lengthy contracts and frustrating long-winded processes that a smaller team simply doesn't require. There are definite pros and cons to both smaller and bigger companies. As a business owner, it's not always an easy task recognising which IT company is right for you and your needs.

Several times in the history of Glo we have been recognised as a great IT support option for a sizeable business. However, very early on, the potential customer has decided we are simply not a large enough team to withstand their needs. It's a crying shame for us not to be able to show them what we're really made of and how a smaller, expert team can often provide a faster, more efficient service. We frequently deal with customers of different sizes, setups, and budgets and love achieving impressive results and IT setups for all of them. 

Consider this... Bigger businesses build value for their shareholders and managing directors. Smaller fish build value by forging great relationships with their customers and circles. Before you tie into a 3-year contract with a big company, why not try a 1 month no-strings-attached trial with a smaller yet mighty business first?

Consider all options

We are here to fly the flag for smaller companies and confirm that we are more than capable of handling greater-sized clients, and we shouldn't be discounted from your choosing. You may get a more personal service and experience, and a better outcome as a result. 

In the future, we may grow to be more sizable than our small but mighty team and we can cross that bridge when it comes to it to ensure we maintain the high standard of service and support that we can effectively deliver now. 

We say while size does matter and is a worthy consideration when making your decision, it's what you do with it that counts. Contemplate the pros and cons to both big and small IT companies in relation to your business needs and try to avoid any assumptions. 

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