The Honest IT Company: August Edition

5 minutes with Chris, MD of Glo

We're back for another edition of the Honest IT Company, sitting down with Chris, Managing Director & Founder of Glo to put the world to rights. We talk business, IT, inside the world of Glo and that big, wide world out there. Ready to tune in?

Hey Chris, what's new with Glo this month?

The last couple of weeks have been dedicated to wrapping up things for year 14. Soon we will be celebrating 15 years of Glo, and looking at what we can achieve next. My focus has been considering the bigger picture for the next 12 to 18 months and weighing up budgets, cash flow, staffing, and everything that keeps up the Glo momentum.

Decisions, decisions

While it's common for people to struggle with decision-making, I would say I'm the opposite: rather impulsive and happy to take punts. I make a point of reflecting on these decisions many months on to see the results and whether it was a success, a lesson learned, or a healthy mix of both. I would consider this approach a strength of mine, as I'm able to act, assess, and learn rather than sit on the fence and wonder 'what if'.

I like to take a step back from the daily decisions and interactions within Glo, but remain involved when it comes to the team. Especially as of late, when we are taking on new members. It helps me get to know each individual properly and allows me to showcase what Glo is all about. Glo is a safe place to push the limits and develop your skill set, we encourage our team to think outside the box. 

Oh hey there, Windows Server 2022

We don't usually get too excited about the updates to Windows Servers but this one caught us by surprise and has been kept relatively low-key. It was a stealthy launch with little to no information given around it, unlike many of the previous updates. The team has started to play around with Windows Server 2022 and is intrigued with what it could offer for our customers. We are very excited about some of the features we have seen so far. Stay tuned!

Brighter horizons await

While we are busy as ever at Glo and we are excitingly welcoming a new client on board, it's been a relatively flat month overall. This has come up in conversation in a recent Vistage meeting and I found it was a common occurrence amongst the group. Many had continued to work throughout the pandemic, having to change up how they did business and adapt, and their foot is still on the pedal now. There were shared feelings of stress and exhaustion and the need for a well-earnt break.

Just because this month is flat, doesn't mean next month isn't going to be a showstopper. We are The Honest IT Company which is why I wanted to share where we're at - the good, the bad, and the flat. It's okay that not every day is mind-blowingly awesome, as long you can get your happiness fix somewhere in the day or even the day after.

Have you adopted any new habits lately?

I am continuing to actively listen since I was taught about techniques that I could practice a little while ago. It sounds slightly mad, but it's not often that people truly listen. Hearing a response, waiting, and reflecting before speaking is a habit that I am garnering. People enjoy speaking about themselves and feel closer to you when they do, so why not indulge in that and form better connections with those around you?

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Podcasts. Podcasts are the only way I digest things, I don't watch TV or read books. Podcasts fit into a busy schedule, you can tune in while out running or walking at lunchtimes, or travelling to meetings in the car. It's how I get inspired. I listen to topics around tech, science, the mind, and psychology mostly. 

If you're looking for a podcast to get into the swing of things, I often recommend this one from Hidden Brain. Another great one that explores how to optimise the function of your brain is here. And lastly, the most recent one I have listened to and loved is from Freakonomics, let me know what you think!

Ready for the curveball question? Here goes...What do you think is the greatest invention of all time?

I certainly know what I think the worst invention is: the bullet. I realise if you had no bullets, people would only find another way to kill each other. But, why does anybody need a bullet?  

Perhaps, the power of the mobile is the greatest invention. There are so many things that are possible from a device that can fit in your pocket: alarm, health tracker, calculator, to name a few. It has unfortunately ruined lots of businesses, but it has also created many more. And it provides vast opportunity and potential from such a small, portable item. 

While they aren't really inventions but rather they exist, the sun and rain are really great things of wonder. So simple yet incredibly complex and extraordinary. They are needed for everything to survive on this planet. That's what really matters.

Absolutely agree- in the words of Louis Armstrong, 'what a wonderful world'. Thanks, Chris. Until next time!

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