The power of communication

As explained by Glo MD, Chris Connor

We sat down with Chris, MD of Glo, to briefly chat about the power of communication - particularly in a business sense. Here's what Chris had to say...

'Communication is key. This seems like an obvious line but it is something that is skipped, misunderstood, or all too often forgotten. At Glo, communication is central to how we do business. It's not just about listening to what a customer is saying but truly understanding what they're saying. It involves recognizing their needs, working out where their business is at in their journey, and deciding what are the best steps to take next to take them to their goals. It may not always be the steps they imagined.

Communication is a two-way street. As well as listening to our customers, we want to ensure that when we are talking to our customers about their setup, or how we have resolved their issues, that we do so in a clear and concise way. We take care to ensure our explanation of actions and use of tech terms is broken down and digestible for customers with all levels of understanding.' 

But what can you do to better communicate?

Chris suggests, 'it's about the language you use, how you put them at ease by taking ownership of the project and how you deal with it step by step. All the customer wants is to be confident that you have this in control, you understand their needs, and you will keep them in the loop with regular updates.'

What are your top tips on communication? We'd love to hear from you. After all,  communication is key.

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