UKs First Odoo v14 Certification

Meet Glodo, Our Odoo Development Team

We've already started the new year with some great successes. 

Our talented team have passed their Odoo 14.0 certification, meaning we can bring you more Odoo goodness this year.

Did you know that we are now the first UK partner to gain the 14.0 certification for Odoo? Pretty impressive, right!

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Haven't heard of Odoo and the magic it can do for your business? Head to Glodo, our sister site, to see how we can make it work for your business. Or simply get in touch, we'd love to chat to you.

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Introducing Odoo to your business provides:

  • A highly customisable system that can be personalised to your business needs

  • A solution that brings all your workflows into one

  • From accounting and invoicing to E-commerce and warehouse management, Odoo covers it all

  • Save time and introduce processes that reduce room for error

Find out more about the Odoo platform at

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Meet Glodo

Certified specialists in the Odoo business platform. Talk to Glodo about transforming your business with a customised system that handles your CRM, Inventory, HR, Accounting, Website and more in one place.

Kicking off 2021 by getting 14.0 Odoo certified
14.0 is the most recent and highest level of certification available on Odoo.As an Odoo partner, we wanted to ensure we were at the forefront of the game and we can help you get there too.