Watch out for latest Zoom Vulnerability

Keeping you in the know to stay ahead of the curve with your security

We are hearing about the latest security breach in Zoom that may impact users worldwide. Yet to be fixed, this vulnerability can be used to launch remote code execution (RCE) attacks. What this means for you as a day-to-day Zoom-user is that such an attack could have the power to take over your system remotely and deploy harmful activity on your computer. Once your system has been attacked, other resources on your device are vulnerable too.

The recommended course of action is to simply use the web browser version of the app for the time being. Other than that, you may wish to remove the Zoom application from your device entirely. Once the Zoom team have resolved the issue, you should be safe to use Zoom as you were before but keep your eyes peeled for updates. You may receive a notification asking to update your Zoom, make sure to do this as this will be a version that the team have released with the patched fix. 

Stay safe out there!

From, the team at Glo

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