Why getting the right hardware really matters

          Why should you buy hardware from us?
          Save time. Save money. Less stress.

          We could stop there, but let's break it down. 

          First up, it's worth explaining that Glo specialises in providing expert IT services and support to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We don't make our money on sourcing the right equipment for your business. But ensuring our clients have the best-suited equipment for their operation allows us to give them the best IT experience possible and who doesn't want that?
           With our team of expert IT engineers on hand, we can advise you on the right spec hardware that suits your business needs. PC A and PC B may look like they are one and the same to the untrained eye and with PC B costing a little less, it would seem like the obvious choice. Fast forward to installing the PC with the software your business needs and the system that you run all of your processes on and Houston, we have a problem. That is because unlike PC A, PC B can't cope with the demand that you require. 

          Avoid the time-wasting process of shopping for the right model of equipment and leave it to the experts (that's us!). While you may save a few pennies shopping around initially, there is likely to be little saving when you consider the cost of your time going back and forth in the decision process as well as the costly risk of buying the wrong product. Please don't ask us to provide a quote as part of your price research. As most businesses know, the quotation process takes a considerable amount of time when done right and we want to dedicate that time to benefit our customers rather than go to waste. Trust us to buy your equipment or if it's simply our opinion you would like, we can do this too.

          If you choose to buy elsewhere, we cannot help you when these products go wrong as effectively as the products we know and recommend. When you let us handle the product-buying, we can offer you products at a fair price and continue to offer you quick and easy support if any issues arise later down the line. It's what we have always done and know how to do well. 

          Our team are on the ball. Instead of a scenario that involves ringing a phone line, following a long-winded process and explaining your IT problems, we are more likely to have already identified an issue and will be working on it behind the scenes. Our ethos is based around taking the IT-related stress out of your day and that is exactly what we deliver.

          Lastly, we know what equipment works well and have set up a sleek process for equipment we are used to working with, that makes the joining on experience pain-free. By going for a recommended model from us, carefully selected for you with experienced installation, you'll be getting a well-rehearsed engine and great value for money. It's as simple as that.

          And that is how you can save yourself time, money and stress by buying hardware from us. Ready?

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