Why printers should be a thing of the past

Let's be good to the planet and our purses

With technology advancing faster than ever and our impact on the planet taking its toll, is it about time we forgot about printers? We think so! And so do thousands of others in the tech industry. Here's why...

Going digital

In a day and age where forests are being cut down at a rapid rate and single-use materials are being accumulated and thrown away in abundance, printing off items for your work or personal use only adds to this issue. Often, lengthy documents to print at that. Consider whether the documents you print off are deemed necessary in paper form and whether a digital form could be a better option in more ways than one.

With digital form, you can make edits easily, send back and forth immediately, and have a digital trail of evidence if needed. Often businesses insist on paper copies of things however nowadays you don't have to keep paper records for taxes. In fact, very few cases have a legal requirement to keep paper records of things, other than court cases. And in that eventuality, courts will accept emails as evidence. Is it time you asked yourself why use a printer when you don't have to?

Going digital and reducing your carbon footprint can be a great selling point for your business too. More and more people want to do business with people who truly care and take active steps to protect the planet. It makes sense. Could you be a carbon-neutral company? 

Save money

It's not just saving the environment, you can make some cost-saving too. When you eliminate a printer from your office, you eliminate the need for ink, toner, and paper and the cost that inevitably comes with it too. 

Not to mention, when things go wrong. Printers can be temperamental and have a grisly reputation in the tech industry for their tendencies. Unfortunately, when a printer gets an issue it is often cheaper to throw it away and replace it rather getting it fixed. Again, upping your carbon print. 

Last but not least, printer manufacturers are looking to prevent customers from using cheaper compatible ink or refillable cartridges that could save you time and help out the planet a little more. They do so by making their machines only compatible for their own ink range and charging high. 

The cost-saving potential of banning printers from your office space and business is considerable. And who doesn't want to save money where they can?

Achieve more with Odoo

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