Women in tech: over to you

Let's meet some of the women rocking the industry right now

We wanted to shine a light on a handful of the kick-ass, amazing women in the world of tech, digital and gaming. Not just because they are brilliant at what they do, but because they have taken strides forward in an industry that is still largely male-dominated. We want the industry to be welcoming to everyone and representative of all, and showcasing some of the legendary women already in the industry is one way we hope to inspire others.

We love seeing the positive changes happening to move closer to a more gender-equal industry, and the world for that matter. But we understand there is still work to be done. And just because we're not part of the problem, doesn't mean we can not help and be a part of the change.

Chatting as a team, we shared figures who we've enjoyed following through their career, talented women whose work we have loved seeing in the industry and those we have taken inspiration from. Without further ado...

Women in tech

Alice Goldfuss

Alice Goldfuss is a programmer, international speaker and blogger with years of experience working on container platforms. She seriously knows her stuff. Turn to Alice for a satisfying serving of tech with a healthy dose of punk, tea and plants. 

Katie Moussouris

Katie Moussouris is CEO of Luta Security, created to serve vuln disclosure and bug bounties. She is well known for creating Microsoft's first bug bounty program. Not stopping there, Katie is also the founder of payequitynowfoundation.org. A busy bee indeed. We love seeing what Katie has to say over on her Twitter feed on the latest security updates.

Kris Nóva

Introducing Kris Nóva, if you're not already familiar with this wonderful woman. Kris very recently started working her magic at Twilio, but we love tuning in to her humorous tweets about systemd, computer science and mountains. Go see what Kris is chatting about for yourself...

Suz Hinton

Ready to hear Suz' techy talents? Suz Hinton is a computer programmer, experienced full-stack software engineer, all-around tech enthusiast and she works for Stripe. And breathe. She is sure to inspire you to get cracking on your next project!

Emma Bostian

If you're looking for a great course in tech or your next standout speaker, Emma could be your gal. Emma Bostian can do it all. Not only does she have a Ladybug podcast, but she writes blogs, speaks at conferences, and is an awesome software engineer. 

Dr Nicola Millard

Dr Nicola Millard is a woman of many talents. Presenter, writer and researcher on innovation in customer service and the digital workplace to name a few. Having written a book and contributed to many more, she has also appeared on radio, TV and you can even catch her rocking a TED talk or two. Listed as one of the top 10 UK CX Influencers, she leaves no rock unturned in her quest for innovative customer experience. Intrigued?

Courtney Kissler

With a Computer Science degree under her belt, the path to DevOps queen was a windy road. However, Courtney Kissler is now bossing Global Technology at Nike. You can catch her sharing her pearls of wisdom on the stage as she does various talks on her experience in the industry. Get a glimpse of Kissler's career path in an inspiring interview we spotted...


Calling all Twitch-fans, if you haven't yet caught up with Sweet_Anita on Twitch we've got your next stream. Anita suffers from Tourette's syndrome but you can bet your bottom dollar she doesn't let that stop her from owning her online presence and being a powerful role model.

Melissa Perri

Melissa Perri is another powerhouse figure that is a sought-after presence on stage as well as in the training room. She is keen to share the lessons she has learnt from her vast experience in Product Management. Having written a book, she offers consultancy and helps businesses achieve similar greatness. 

Nicole Forsgren

Nicole Forsgreen PHD is one clever cookie. Having penned award-winning books, navigated a fascinating career in DevOps from software engineer, sysamin and professor to enhancing some of the biggest businesses in the world with her expertise. Her skills know no bounds. Check out what she has her sights set on next!

Siân John

As EMEA Director of cybersecurity strategy at Microsoft, Siân John knows a thing or two about security. In fact, she has achieved so much in the field that she has been awarded an MBE for her services to cybersecurity. *Fist bump*. It's definitely worth your time listening to her talks, reading interviews about her career and seeing what Siân has to say over on Twitter - if you are looking for some mighty inspiration and career goals. 

 We could go on with more of our inspirations from the industry but let's hear it from you. Who do you look to in the industry for your tech updates, fun anecdotes and inspiration?

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