Work smarter this lockdown with these handy tips

Lockdown can be a challenging time for many, with limited social interactions and a lot of changes to get accustomed to. While the team at Glo have always worked remotely, working from home is new to many and can seem daunting. That's why the team at Glo have put together some of our personal recommendations on working smarter from the comfort of your home. These tips aim to help you achieve that yearned-for work-life balance and ensure you consider your mental and physical health that could be especially impacted during this time.

If possible, keep a distinct separation between your work environment and your relaxation space at home so you can maintain a professional state of mind when working and retire to a quiet space to switch off after work. With many having limited space, try to set up your working space away from main areas such as the kitchen to reduce noise and disturbance.

Get outside! Walk on your lunch break, run around the block before your working day begins or hop on your favourite wheels to wind down in the evening. Some like to create a 'commute to work' by following a loop on your bike or racking up a mile that leads back to your house before and after work as part of your daily routine.

Move around every so often to keep that blood flowing to your brain and to help prevent getting aches and pains at your desk space. Whether it's a few stretches before a meeting or pacing the room as you brainstorm, it all helps to stay that bit healthier.

Open a window for a breath of fresh air. The sound and feel of the outdoors reaching you at your desk may just give you that boost you need to face the next meeting with bushy-tailed energy.

Invest in Spotify Premium to blast some funky tunes to get you in the zone or listen to your favourite podcast to encourage inspiration and creativity.

If you have a busy household, try to set up an agreement to get your own space between certain hours to reduce your stress levels and keep your focus.

Having a routine can prove helpful when staying on top of your workload, maintaining progression and keeping an air of normality to your day to day.

Don't forget to mute your mic when in meetings and video calls. You'll be surprised at how loud the kettle boiling and dog barking can be!

Remember to take your lunch break. Fuel your body and take a dedicated break from your workload. It will not only benefit you but improve the quality of work you produce.

Reach out to your team to keep the conversation going while you all experience working life in different locations. It's important to check in on your colleagues to see how they are doing and keep that fun-loving culture alive.

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