Comparing Phone Systems

Check out some of the savings we've got for our customers so far. We can do the same for your business.

We wanted to demonstrate the proven savings that can be enjoyed when you switch your phone systems to us. It doesn't have to be a stressful and costly experience for you and your business. In fact, it can be quite the opposite. Let's dive in!

After being approached by a business to show off our phone system setup compared to their current provider, it turned out we were head and shoulders above the competition. Not only did we offer our services at a better value, but the service we can provide entails an all-in-one solution for their phone system needs while keeping up to date with the latest advancements. Our phone solution caters to the needs of each business with easy-to-use software and flexible options that make communication fluid and stress-free. Unlike our competitors, we don't add on unexpected charges to our monthly plans and lengthy contracts aren't our thing - we want you as a customer as long as you want us as your provider.

Did you know that ISDN is being switched off by 2025? If your current phone system is using ISDN, you will need to consider the options of replacing your system to accommodate this. VOIP is paving the way as a great alternative replacement, especially as you'll only need an internet connection to get started. We're ahead of the curve and already provide VOIP solutions to businesses. Chat to us if you have any queries about your current setup and if it is proofed for the future.

Let's check out the savings and improved service you could be getting

Previous Provider

£ 574 

/ month
  • ISDN Lines
  • Number Hosting
  • Phone System Maintenance
  • Licensed per user and per feature
    •  Call Charges

With Glo

£ 168

/ month
  • VoIP Based system
  • SIP Trunks with unlimited bundled minutes
  • Enterprise phone system license (All features included)
  • Licensed for number of simultaneous calls
    •  Fully hosted and managed for you by Glo

More of the benefits you could be reaping from our phone system

CRM Integration


Wall Boards: display live call stats in your office

Reporting included: Get insight into your team's workloads and performance


Softphone client for Windows & Mac


Call Recording with PCI compliant options


Built-in failover for disaster recovery


Fully-featured Mobile client for iOS & Android


Conference Calling


Host audio and web meetings with screen share & whiteboard abilities


Odoo • Image and Text

Facebook & Website Live Chat and SMS Integration

Delve deeper into how live chat could work on your website over on 3CX. We are proud to be silver partners of 3CX, providing you with outstanding solutions for your business.