Glo IT Services & IT Support

The Glo team are specialists in all aspects of business IT solutions from cyber security, networking infrastructures to cloud based hosting and remote access support. Please find a summary of the Glo services and IT solutions below.

Business IT Solutions

Glo are specialists in providing professional IT support services for businesses in Wales and across the UK. Glo can provide a whole host of business IT support from general support and cloud hosting to network infrastructure installations and remote IT management.

Cloud Hosted Solutions

Cloud hosting makes IT easy and flexible for your business, allowing you to scale up and down as required depending on volume. You may of heard of the ‘Cloud’ but are still unsure of what it actually is. In basic terms, a cloud based hosting solution is a network of servers and each have a different function to support your IT network.

Computer Systems

Choosing the right computer systems, software and IT solutions to allow you to develop your business is one of the things we do well at Glo. Our aim is to help you streamline your businesses IT solutions and enhance productivity.


We are experienced and passionate about our IT skills so we offer an IT consultancy for business IT projects. Whether it’s just some quick advice, a systems/strategy review or full blown project management Glo’s team can help.

Cyber Security

This is one of the buzz words for the digital age, knowing the risks and being protected is important. By understanding your needs we can help with your Cyber Security.

Data Handling & Recovery

How long would it take to get your IT back up and running if you were hit by a Disaster? How much would that downtime cost your business? Consider continuity, data handling, disaster recovery, planning and implementation as a type of insurance.

IT Help & Support

Glo provide professional IT support services for business across the UK,  we can be your sole IT solution or work with your existing IT setup and/or department. Our IT support services are flexible, cost-effective  and they can be customised to suit your business, your existing IT systems and/or your existing network.

Network Infastructure

Your Network Infrastructure is extremely important to your business and it’s important to get it right and equally as important to maintain it. Glo can help with the development of new systems or the utilisation and expansion of existing systems.

Office 365 Migration

Moving all your process and data into Office 365 can be time consuming and frustrating, we have now helped so many customers achieve the migration. It’s a great feeling of satisfaction to finally have everything running smoothly.

Remote IT Management

Remote IT management and IT monitoring services provide cost effective, scalable and secure solutions that allow your business to move in any direction fast. Our team of specialists can help integrate and optimise you existing IT solution or help you build a new IT solution, that suits your businesses needs.


Virtualisation can help to transform a company’s infrastructure and improve overall efficiency, quickly and with little downtime. Virtualisation offers the capacity for companies to use their existing resources efficiently whilst lowering the overall costs that comes from maintaining servers.



If you would like more information about Glo , more information about the services and solutions we could provide or to make an enquiry, simply fill in the contact form.