Cloud Hosted Solutions

Cloud hosting makes IT easy and flexible for your business, allowing you to scale up and down as required depending on volume

What is the Cloud?

This abstract term is one of the most used terms in IT today. First you need to comprehend the cloud is it is not a physical thing. It is a network of servers, which each have a different function.

Abobe Example

Adobe moved its creative services to the cloud. You can no longer buy the Creative Suite ( Photoshop InDesign , etc.) in a box.  You pay a monthly subscription fee to use each individual service. That’s why it’s now called the “ Adobe Creative Cloud ” instead.

Other Examples

When you take a picture on your smartphone, it is stored on your phone’s internal memory drive. However, when you upload the photos to Instagram, you are uploading it to the cloud. Saving a file to iCloud or dropbox simply adds it to a storage server for you to retrieve as you need. So, the “Cloud” has become part of our daily life.

We often recommend cloud-based solutions for businesses. It is easy and flexible allowing you to scale up and down as required depending on volume. As we have experience in dealing with different platforms we can make recommendations and set up systems for each client depending on the needs of the business.

As a business that is increasingly reliant on a stable IT platform, it is essential that issues are resolved quickly to avoid a negative impact on productivity and revenue. With Glo’s fast response times and expert understanding of our systems, we always feel that our IT is in safe hands. We absolutely think of Glo as part of our team”
Nick B, TC Group