Data Handling & Disaster Recovery Solutions

How long would it take to get your IT back up and running if you were hit by a Disaster? How much would that downtime cost your business?

Consider continuity, data handling, disaster recovery, planning and implementation as a type of insurance. You hope you never need to use it but, if you do need it, it’s there to get things back on track with a minimum amount of fuss and effort required.

Glo can help plan, implement and manage your business continuity and disaster recovery plans. And should you need to enact your Disaster Recovery plan Glo will be there to assist all the way.

Professional Data Handling & Business Continuity

Not all businesses will need all systems to be covered by high availability, or require a DR solution that enables all staff to be back online the day after a disaster. Like insurance how much you need to spend will depend on what you want to protect and what level of protection you require. Glo are specialists in data handling, business continuity and disaster recovery for business in Wales and across the UK.

Data Storage & Handling

The storage of data of any kind has always been an issue right back to archive boxes and filing cabinets. Security of data and its protection varies within businesses and within processes.

Creating a safe storage place for sensitive or valuable data can be important, data must be kept for a certain period and in some cases, large quantities of data are used for statistics.