IT Help & Support Services

We are experienced and passionate about providing professional IT help and support services to business in the UK

Glo provide professional IT support services for business across the UK,  we can be your sole IT solution or work with your existing IT setup and/or department. Our IT support services are flexible, cost-effective  and they can be customised to suit your business, your existing IT systems and/or your existing network.

Unforeseen IT issues can be a real nightmare for any business. Knowing that you have the Glo team to provide professional IT help and IT support, would not only reduce the risk of any potential issues, but would ensure the issues are resolved straight away.

IT Monitoring and Alerts

Unforeseen IT issues can be a nightmare for any business. Knowing that our monitoring system is watching your IT infrastructure 24/7, 365 can provide peace of mind. You will see trends and head off potential problems before they affect your business. So, your plans and strategies will be based on actual data.

We have developed standard sets of monitors and alerts. We have added to them over the years for various server builds/roles. The alerts are automatically sent to the Glo team and to anyone in your business.

Monitoring isn’t a one size fits all solution. We also use custom monitors and alerts, bespoke to your business, to ensure you see the full picture. We often spot missed elements which should be monitored to help you proactively improve what you do.