Virtual IT Director Services

  Here at Glo, we are passionate about helping businesses of every size reach their maximum potential, through providing expert IT support and services that help you run faultlessly. The team that makes up the Glo foundation is integral to this success, all led by experienced Managing Director, Chris Connor.

Chris knew he wanted to bring his IT Director services into the virtual offices of businesses across the country, to spread his know-how and help provide the necessary tools for success to other businesses. These services are nothing new, in fact, Chris has been providing IT Director services to businesses for years. Now it is your chance to reap the benefits of this exciting service too.
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Meet Chris: Glo's creator

The guy that could turn the IT sector of your business on its head, offering his wealth of wisdom in the industry and invaluable experience from running his own business.

Over to you, Chris!

“In my 17-year experience of owning and running a business, I have gained a broad understanding of much more than just technology; forming strategies that resolve issues around staff, customers, budgets, and targets to name only a few. While I boast a deep technical knowledge that enables a fair review process and reliant support, my skillset reaches much further. Always striving to learn and develop using a variety of resources, I am keen to absorb information that can, in turn, be shared with you.

I’ve proven that I am able to apply my learnings to businesses of various sizes and industries, to assist their day-to-day and long-term processes and fuel their progression. Having successfully delivered Virtual IT Director services to businesses in many forms, I’ve yielded great results by playing a key part in getting projects off the ground and towards success and tackling common problems that arise. I’m able to challenge the board effectively by encouraging an outside-the-box mentality to problem-solving that prioritises saving time, resources and money.”

“The guidance I can provide is based upon years of experience and the mistakes that I have learnt can save you from making those very same ones. My willingness to face issues head-on and speak to staff openly make me a great asset. With an ability to effectively deliver unwelcome news based on facts, reasoning and solutions whilst being mindful of the audience and expectation, I can offer a valuable external stance in your business and ensure you get the best from your team.

The role of providing IT director services can take many shapes. Whether you need a gap-filling presence short-term or a much more permanent solution, I offer flexibility and an open-mind, as well as offering suggestion on what I believe will fit the bill.”

What you can expect from my Virtual IT Director Services

  • Application of knowledge in IT policy and budgeting
  • Personable yet firm approach to dealing with staff issues
  • Virtual availability for discussions and meetings
  • Coaching and developing of individuals and teams
  • Managing multi-year plans based on your aspirations
  • Packaging services or products from initial idea to profit
  • Support in the scheduling of profit, function and delivery
  • Well-informed advice on the management of projects, people and processes
  • Guidance on risk analysis
  • Expert IT support and advice

"Chris' presence has allowed me to dedicate my time more effectively in other areas of my business and having his input has really helped us move forward and improve the services we provide. He has supported us in a range of tasks, from staff resolutions to bringing new partners on board. As an online retailer, it has been essential having Chris on board to advise on IT infrastructure". 

John, Watch Gecko

"Chris fitted seamlessly into our existing board whilst also challenging us to approach things differently. His expertise has been invaluable in driving projects from idea to profit and getting us ahead of the game in terms of strategy for IT. Chris' services have delivered a great return and still provide long-term value by influencing the way in which the business is run". 

Dan, TC Group

What information do you need to make your decision?

If you have any questions or wish to outline your business needs to ensure they're within our realm, let's talk. We would love the opportunity to make a positive difference to your business.