Our Purpose, Vision and Values

Here at Glo, we are focused on being the best that we can be, offering expert IT support and ensuring our customers are wowed by the service we provide. But what happens when you dig down to the Glo core and what is in our DNA, what drives us forward, unites us a team and is the very reason for our being? Well, this is what you get…

Our Purpose

To deliver our technical expertise in a friendly manner and take the IT-related stress out of our customer’s working day.

Our Vision

To be the most powerful business relationship you have.

Our Values

Honesty      Communication      Responsibility

Passion      Uplifting

Expertise      Efficiency


We vow to live by these ethics in order to maintain a level of care and service that we are proud to deliver. We are sharing our purpose, vision and values with you now so that we can be held to our pledge.

There’s a lot of exciting things going on in the world of Glo and we think it’s about time we let you join us for the ride. Keep an eye out for updates from the team, how we roll and the downright amazing things we can achieve.

Soon we will be releasing a whole host of information about the sustainable way in which we do business and always have done business from day one. (Spoiler alert, it’s kind of awesome!) You’ll get an insight into the way we make a difference as a company, not just by resolving IT issues up and down the country and pushing businesses forward but by helping charities and living greener. Buckle up!