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When your IT truly supports your organisation, everything becomes simpler, easier, and more efficient.

We’re here to make that happen. How? With IT support solutions that work in perfect harmony with your business.

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What sets us apart?

What makes us tick? Why are we so committed to achieving harmony for our clients? And how are we redefining IT support to bring operational efficiency, innovation and, ultimately, happiness to those we work with?

About us

Harnessing the 
‘wow factor’

 Chris founded Glo in 2007 with a simple mission: to help companies make the most of their IT to provide better services, achieve better outcomes, and realise measurable success. 

But more than that, he wanted to delight and inspire clients and their users each and every day – to create those ‘wow’ moments.

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Advice. Support.

Insight. Know-how.

Our tailored approach is designed to hit all the right notes when it comes to selecting, planning, implementing, and orchestrating exactly the right IT systems for your business.

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Your very own communications hub, directly connected to our team of experts, when you need it most.

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We specialise in all aspects of business IT solutions. Cyber security, networking infrastructure, cloud-based hosting, remote-access support – we do it all.


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All your business management software tools, tailored to your needs, and all in one place.

How we work

Over the last 15 years, we’ve refined not only our services and solutions, but also how we approach our work. The ‘Glo way’ is our proven process to ensuring you get the very best support swiftly, smoothly, and seamlessly.

Here are three key steps in our six-step process.

About us
How It Works


We delve deeper into understanding how your systems can dovetail into your work processes and, in turn, help you work more effectively. We work to keep you ahead of the effective and efficiency curves through simpler, more productive methodologies, and by implementing advanced technologies that, for want of a better word, sharpen your competitive edge.

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We carefully craft a strategic roadmap that clearly defines the challenges you face and the steps to overcoming them. Through meticulous planning, we navigate each issue’s complexities, working systematically to find novel solutions that will propel your business forward. Our proactive mindset and methodical approach guarantees a seamless journey from challenge to resolution, providing you with reliable, effective IT support at every step.

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Providing seamless and responsive support is the least you should expect. But for our team that’s not enough. We’re singularly committed to finding ways to exceed expectations. You’ll find us proactive and personal, and always looking to improve. As your trusted partner, we’re here to help you navigate the ever-evolving technology landscape so you have effective support that excels in every way and every day.

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