Support Contract Calculator

We've recently simplified our options for support here at Glo. We now offer either Reactive (ad-hoc) support,  or to get the best of what Glo has to offer we highly recommend our Proactive monthly support contracts. More information on the difference between the two can be found in our Support Options document here. To make things even easier all Proactive contracts offer the same benefits, the only difference is the amount of minutes included per month.To help you work out what size Proactive support contract is right for your business we've made an easy to use calculator. You can enter either how many minutes you'd like to find out how much it will cost you per month, or do the opposite and say how much you'd like to pay per month to find out how many minutes it will get you. It will also let you know what size business we estimate the contract to be right for and how many problems, on average, can be resolved per month on the chosen contract. Support contract calculator If your not sure how many minutes you'll need or how much you would like to pay then you can use the slider at the bottom of the page. Simply move the slider left or right and watch the figures change until you find the sweet spot for your business. If the slider hasn't helped click the switch at the top of the page to view our premade contract sizes. These have some brief descriptions of they kind of IT set-ups they are best for and might help you work out what's best for your business. We hope that the calculator will be a helpful tool for anyone thinking about a new GloSupport contract but of course if you'd like to talk to us about what size contract might best suit your business we're more than happy to. Please do get in touch by phone or email for further information.
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