Welcome to Glodo

Where we can use the power of Odoo to elevate your business

Hello! You may have found us from our sister site, Glo, or you could be looking for a provider to bring Odoo into your business. Welcome to Glodo. The Glodo team, with a wealth of IT experience and a 14.0 Odoo certification under their belt, are here to rock your world through the power of Odoo. 

As you may have noticed, this is our first blog post and our website is still being developed as we speak. We aim to share as much valuable content and knowhow that we can, right here for our trusty customers and to help those who are in need of some Odoo expertise. We've been doing this a little while but we thought it is about time we shouted loud and clear for all to hear. 

Glodo was born to feed clients who were hungry for a slice of Odoo. We soon got certified to the highest level and became Odoo partners, no less. Having found out about all the wonderful things the Odoo system can do for businesses, we can see the benefit it can have on any business, of any size, in any industry. 

Here are just some of the ways Odoo can enhance your business;

  • Streamlining your order process

  • Automating your data inputting

  • Management of stock levels 

  • Reduce the time taken for invoicing; by automating 95% of the reconciliation, getting clear forecasts of future bills and syncing with your bank to name a few

The Odoo system boasts thousands of features that could positively impact your business and enhance the way you work. Whether you get it out-of-the-box or require customisations to suit your needs, the possibilities of the Odoo realm really are endless. 

Any questions about what Odoo can do for you? Perhaps you're wondering what an all-in-one business software really entails or instead, you are born ready and waiting to get started. Get in touch. We'd love to chat and help your business achieve the best it can.

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