Glo becomes a teen!

Did you know Glo have recently begun our thirteenth year in business? The company is now officially a teenager, and as you might expect we're going through some changes, but thankfully without the hormonal mood swings. In this blog, we're going to spotlight some of the new stuff we've done this year.

We've helped customers escape from profiteering phone companies.

We now provide and manage 17 new FTTC connections and 3 leased lines for our customers. Some customers are paying over £1000 less each year for a significantly faster internet connection (up to 10x faster). Our phone systems are also saving our customers money without tying them to a contract. In the past 12 months, we’ve installed 9 new VOIP setups, with upwards of 70% monthly cost reductions achieved by some customers.

We're using Ninja tactics to stealthily improve our support.

The deployment of our new Ninja RMM agent was completed at the beginning of the year. This tool now helps us to proactively monitor and manage over 900 devices. The increase to the Glo teams efficiency afforded by this has contributed to fewer support tickets being raised (down 3%). This is in spite of a 16% increase in our number of active customers and an 83% increase in the number of devices supported.

We've gone international.

In the last year, we've employed our first team member based outside of the UK, begun supporting our first customer based overseas and also undertook a project in Slovenia on behalf of one of our customers. The internet knows no borders and the largely online nature of our work allows us the freedom to help our customers no matter where they are. That said we're always happy to send a Glo team member in person when required, including overseas.

We come well recommended. (AKA NPS Survey 2 - Electric Boogaloo)

Last year we carried out an NPS survey to gauge if our customers would recommend us to others. Once the results were in we were proud of our above-average score of 59. We carried out the same survey again earlier this year and were thrilled to get a score of 78! A large number of our customers have been introduced to us via word of mouth, and as such it's great to hear that so many of them will put in a good word for us in turn.
Of course, there's much more to come, with several other new developments to improve our customers business IT experience in the pipeline.  We're excited to continue delivering IT wows to our customers throughout our teenage years and beyond!
Glo's Recent NPS Survey