How to WOW in an interview

The Recruitment Process

The world of recruiting and job-hunting is going wild at the moment and we have been lucky enough to grow the Glo team in recent months. 

We grabbed Chris, Managing Director of Glo, to ask him about his advice when coming to an interview.

Hey, Chris! Off the back of recent interviews, what could someone do or say in an interview that would wow you?

'Ask questions and not just the obvious interview questions. Ask personal ones about the business that demonstrate you are interested, have done your research into the company and website, and are envisaging your future with us. 

We look for energy, a passion for technology, and someone who is likely to fit in well with the team. Talent and experience are of course important, however, skills can be learned to some degree. Having a motivated, personable and engaged individual is a strong asset to the team.

I've been told this is a bit old school but something I appreciate is when people reach out after the interview to say thanks for your time and ask a few follow-up questions. It makes you stand out from the rest who haven't given it another thought after the interview finishes. And if you are keen to grab an opportunity, chase it up and email again.'

What tips or advice do you have for those searching for their next career move?

The Honest IT Company: June Edition
5 minutes with Chris, MD of Glo