What's Glodo all about?

Bringing you Odoo and a whole team of awesome experts to elevate your business potential

Welcome to Glodo: the premium online base for bringing Odoo to businesses, in our opinion. Our wonderful customers think so too. You can check out our case studies here.  

Intrigued to find out exactly what this mystical Odoo is?

We offer a world of opportunity for businesses, with smart solutions and bespoke development to answer their needs. While we highlight a handful of our services here, this list is far from exhaustive and only continues to grow. With a team whose experience spans far and wide with well over a decade in the tech industry, we are well-equipped to cater to all of your business's IT needs and provide bespoke solutions along the way. 

Here's a taster of some of the things we can achieve for your business when we implement Odoo as your software system.

Odoo Maintenance 

Odoo maintenance can be any number of things, from company-wide systems that need keeping in check to a mere printer running out of ink. Let's give an example. With Odoo, you can set a maintenance request up to alert the system when your printer is out of ink. Alternatively, if your printer needs new ink every 6 weeks then we can set up preventive maintenance to ensure you have ample time to order replacement ink. A notification can be set up, plus Odoo can process an order for the replacement ink. A process that may otherwise be a time-consuming, regular task can now be a simple automation process that removes another item from your to-do list.

Quality & Product Life Management Apps

You can tackle the management of your product life cycles with Odoo too. Let's stick with the printer example. If you manufacture printers, however, you are unable to get hold of a key component within your product so you intend on replacing the product with another version. Or perhaps you want to make a small adjustment to the model, such as changing a minor component of the product. It will need a review of design, and other necessary steps, to put the new product version or component in motion. With Odoo, you can replace the long-winded email flow with a simple, quick, and effective automated process that can be developed to add in design reviews and approval at any stage to meet your criteria. Again, Odoo is able to simplify your workload and save you time and resources.

Maintaining quality in manufacturing is critical to the longevity and success of a product. Odoo can be integrated with most stock apps so that if you are receiving stock from a supplier, checks can be put in at certain stages to confirm the quality before moving on to the following step. Rules can be put in place that mean you cannot advance past the next stage in the process unless the required standard is met, whether that be a particular temperature, size diameter, or other. Anywhere that stock is involved in your business, this Odoo feature can be applied. This could prove useful for the Bill of Materials Management that is critical across many industries, as well as saving your business time in catching errors and maintaining your reputation.

Glodo can take Odoo up another level for your business

We're here to take your business to the next level by streamlining your daily processes.

Got specific needs or a convoluted workflow that is in dire need of automating? We can develop a bespoke solution for your business. Our team loves carrying out bespoke development for businesses and seeing the positive impact it can have. Saving precious time, resources, and money for you is part and parcel of what we do.

Let's make it happen for you

Got your attention? Chat to us about getting started or get in touch to answer your curiosity and unload your questions. 

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