Why you should upgrade to Odoo 14.0 today

Make sure you stay on your A game


Did you know that Odoo 12.0 is going out of support soon? If you're still on Odoo 12.0, it's time to get packing. With 15.0 looming in October, take your chance to upgrade to Odoo 14.0 now and be prepared. 


So, what's the big deal about Odoo 14.0? Why can't you cruise along in Odoo 12.0? Here's why you will want to make the jump now...

Odoo supports its clients for the latest 3 versions only. If you are using Odoo Enterprise 12 or older, your system will not be updated with any improvements, bug fixes, nor end-user support anymore. Of course, we will do our best, but at some point, if there is a core issue with Odoo that we need to raise with them, we won't be able to. 

It's likely you will run into more problems like this as you persevere with 12.0 as it is *technically* only officially supported on the Python 3.5 which went end of line this year. This, again, means no further security fixes. Whilst you can run Odoo under newer versions there have been significant problems in doing so in the past. 

These can be critical points of vulnerability and in a world rife with cybercrime, putting your system at a potential security risk is not a position we would recommend. 

In fact, 13.0 and 14.0 include some great security features, including large updates that aim to increase security measures and tackle improvements to seamless communication channels.

Not only is it a matter of security and support, but the latest editions of Odoo offer an even better user experience that you really don't want to miss out on. 

Got a need for speed? Odoo 14.0 is almost 5x faster on many common operations vs version 13.0, and this is on top of the improvements between 12.0 and 13.0 which is up to 11x faster in some cases. 

As well as this, newer versions of Odoo have improved website builder with a whole host of new widgets and small feature improvements that make all the difference. Take the calculator widget for example, whereby you can ease your workflow through quick and easy formulas within a quantity column. And not forgetting the improved spreadsheet integration coupled with the documents app, meaning you can finally wave goodbye to Excel using direct ODBC into PostgreSQL, or potentially even shipping out to a third party data visualisation and analytic tool! Result!

Last but not least, with more high level dashboards, you can revel in more informed data, and updates, such as stock forecasting, and improved replenish tools. Slicker usability of your system and a faster rate of efficiency - what more can you ask for?


Now we've got you sat up in your seat and all ears, you'll no doubt want to make the transition as hastily as possible. To get things underway, simply get in touch with us or log a support call via GloHelp if you are an existing customer. We look forward to taking you to the next level of Odoo goodness.

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